Period of Czar Dusan

Skopje reaches its peak in the period of Czar Dusan- founder of the medieval Serbian Empire. In 1345 he acclaimed Skopje as a capital of his Empire and was solemnly crowned. Some historians deem that during this period the most grandiose object in the Old Bazaar has been built- Kursumli Han that served as army depot for his soldiers. Despite that, some authors deem that besides the bank of today’s Sultan Murad Mosque the castle of czar Dusan was built, being described as a colossal and beautifully decorated object in which there was also a library. In that period the Old Bazar had not been mentioned as an organized trade center but Skopje has been indicated as a mostly trade city. After Czar Dusan’s death Uros V succeeds the crown and starting form 1336 Skopje has been under the reign of king Volkasin. Ten years later Skopje has been under siege of Vuk Brankovic who passed Skopje to the Turks in 1392. who passed Skopje to the Turks in 1392.